Tonny. See you trendy

Tonny. See you trendy

Look for "T" signature on temples. Our promise of great quality for an affordable price!


Tonny Eyewear brand was launched in 2003 on polish market. Years of work on quality and design improvements allow to deliver an eyewear product  meeting highest expectations. Frames and sunglasses with Tonny signature are characterized by up-to-date model manufacture, the newest fashion trends, high quality components and advanced technology. All the futures are the explanation of success and popularity among polish customers. The brand still gains a recognition of distinctive and quality products on international markets.

Customers from 27 countries enjoy Tonny Eyewear all over the world!

Tonny Collection is dedicated to every fans frames: from a preschool kids, through young people, to adults and seniors. Tonny Eyewear seekers are interested in classic and elegant attitude, fashion and trend accessories, personality and style. Wide range of men’s sizes complete the look with business or casual approach. What is more fashion freaks and design lovers will not be disappointed about extraordinary gems.

Wide range of sizes and colours in different collections

TONNY Collection – classic, elegant and fashion eyewear and sunglasses models in wide range of sizes, made from metal and acetate.

TONNY Kids – dedicated to the youngest,  4-12 years old children. Colourful frames are exactly the same like kids – full of joy and fun. They are made from special type of acetate with memory foam. 180° flex system shall hinge through an angle of at least 180 degrees.

TONNY Future – premium frames dedicated mostly to women in many colour options. Eyewear models are made from stainless steel with antiallergic features.

TONNY Titanium – optical frames made from very resistant titanium material with elastic and ultra-light features.

TONNY Premium – frames are featured by extraordinary design, bold construction and an unusual combination of colours for people who prefer to highlight their unique personality.

TONNY Sport – polarized sunglasses dedicated mainly to active men. Eyewear Tonny are made from brand new type of elastic polymer – TR 90 which easily adjust to face shape. Adapted fibre glass in nose pads production prevent deformations and discomfort.

Tonny. See you trendy